Why we give.

Our primary motivation in giving is God's own generosity towards us - not only does he richly provide for our needs, but he gave his very best in the sacrifice of Jesus for us. We believe that the Bible calls us to be cheerful givers and bring our tithes and offerings as worship to God.

We follow the principle of tithing, or giving a tenth of our income back to God as our first and best in worship to him. Offerings are voluntary gifts above and beyond the biblical principle of the tithe and are given to God to further support His mission through the church.

Ways To Give


The simplest method is to write a check and give in person on a Sunday morning or drop it by the church office during the week.


Bill-pay allows your bank to mail a check directly to Isaiah. To set up bill-pay you should select the “pay an individual” option or set up a new payee with your account. Here is the information your bank might require to set up bill-pay to Isaiah:
  • Name (Payee Name): Isaiah Church
  • Address (Payee Address): 1809 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711
If there is space to write a note or message, you can simply put whether it’s a tithe or offering.
If you need more help, contact your bank to help get set up.


This is the most convenient option, but there is a small processing fee associated with each transaction. We recommended using ACH (Bank) rather than debit/credit cards if you will be making ongoing donations, as the transaction fee is much lower. You can also find the same giving platform in our app.